Metaverse Conferencing

Project Introduction

In August 2022, a Chinese company dedicated to creating a digital twin world created an enormous virtual venue spanning 255,000 square meters. This venue was designed to showcase various innovative technologies and application products from leading metaverse companies, providing attendees with an immersive and lifelike experience. For this project, the collaborating partner, Chintelecom Cloud, designated Cloudsky as the sole-source supplier, jointly creating an extraordinary metaverse conference that transcended reality and was highly immersive.


Project Requirements

●  Provide underlying computing power for the Metaverse Conference;

●  Combine GPU resources with Tianyi Cloud ECX and establishing IPsec connections between remote nodes to achieve interconnection across VPCs. This would enable the conference to benefit from real-time rendering, real-time interaction, and other technical services, ensuring a stable, high-definition, and seamlessly interactive experience for the event.

Project Results

●  Provided large number of participants with computing power and real-time rendering services required for massive model rendering.

●  During the meeting, the user experience latency did not exceed 20ms, the real-time visual was clear, and there was no obvious frame drop.

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Metaverse Conferencing
In August 2022, a Chinese company dedicated to creating a digital twin world created an enormous vir...