Metaverse Sports—Metaverse World Cup

Project Introduction

During the 2022 Qatar World Cup, China Mobile's Migu created the first World Cup 'metaverse' using a combination of 'content + technology + integrated innovation.' This metaverse offered live coverage of the entire event, interactive cross-domain gaming experiences, and a plethora of exciting, high-quality content. It provided viewers with an immersive '5G + sports' experience across various scenes.


Project Requirements

●  Set up an ultra-high-performance instance resource pool streaming environment outside the live network resource pool to meet the project's high-performance operational requirements.

●  Increase the computational power within the live network to align with the gaming performance requirements.

●  Optimize streaming quality, control, and visual experience in weak network conditions.

●  7*24 hours of uninterrupted service, platform availability is higher than 99.9%.

Project Results

●  Created the first 'World Cup Metaverse,' providing computational power, GPU real-time rendering capabilities, and cloud gaming-related technical services for in-app scene rendering, real-time commentary by digital humans, and interactive mini-games. 

●  Realize hour-level scheduling of computing power.

●  Over 100+ users on a single server interacted online and on the same screen, and the latency was less than 20ms, and there was no  freeze or disconnection on scale

●  During the Qatar World Cup, the metaverse World Cup interactive experience reached 57 million interactions, and China Mobile received a total of 36 billion content views across all scenes.

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