Cloud-based Game Distribution

An action mobile game

Client Profile

An well-established domestic distribution platform that has released many high-quality mobile games. Their self-developed games have received enthusiastic feedback from users. It is a comprehensive platform that combines game development and operation.


Client Needs

●  The client had an action-oriented mobile game similar to DNF (Dungeon & Fighter). With each game version iteration, the game package had grown significantly, and the core package size had approached 2GB. Using conventional methods to further compress the core package size was no longer feasible.

●  Since its launch, this game had acquired users through traditional channels, with an activation conversion rate of approximately 13.71%. The data performance remained stable. 

●  The client hoped to leverage the cloud gaming and package-breaking capabilities of the micro-client to shorten the user acquisition path, reduce user acquisition costs, and improve activation conversion rates.

Cooperation Results

● After implementing the micro-client, the activation conversion rate has increased by 83%, and the activation cost has decreased by 47%.

An action mobile game

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An action mobile game
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